Facts about Old Vienna Bakery
Because this is a small, privately owned baking business, I limit the
number of orders I take to insure my customers receive the
highest quality end product - - - a beautiful cake that tastes as
good as it looks.

I began decorating in the early 90"s when my daughters were small
then gradually built my skill base to a point where I was willing to
make cakes first for family and friends, then for the public.

I used time-tested recipes with the freshest possible ingredients but
am continually adding to my flavor offerings.  My gluten-free
recipes have quickly become popular favorites with anyone who
has tried them.
There is no delivery charge to venues that are within a 30 mile distance from New
Hope, AL where I am located.   Deliveries outside the 30 mile range are at a rate of
$1 per mile with the distance determined by Google Maps.

There is never a charge for the top tier of the bride's cake and a box is provided with
preservation instructions if the couple chooses to save that tier for their 1st
Anniversary or other special occasion.